Sheri Kushner Rothstein

I am so happy to be working with my friends on our 40th reunion. Looking forward to seeing EVERYONE!

Diane Betz Griffin

So many memories so, please…”Find A Way Or Make One” to our 40th Reunion Party!!!
Can’t wait to see everyone!!!

“Everywhere we go-o
People want to know-o
Who we a-are
And where we come from
So we tell them
We’re from Peary
Mighty, mighty Peary
And if they can’t hear us
We sing a little louder”

Alan Selwyn

Alan is really excited to be involved in his 8th reunion!
(When he says it this way it doesn’t seem like 40 years)

Sherrie Davis Tucker

We are truly “friends for life” ! Looking forward to catching up where we left off!
Don’t miss this one!!!…. (and don’t worry, name tags will be provided).

Beth-Ellen Kerpelman Dolinsky

After helping to plan hundreds of high school reunions while working at the Reunion Company, Beth-Ellen’s very favorite is, of course, Peary ’73. Our 40th reunion will be the 5th reunion that Beth-Ellen has helped plan and she especially treasures the life long friendships that she has made with the other 5 committee members. Please join us in 2013 for our very best reunion ever!!

Laura Tardiff Violand

Hey fellow Peary classmates,
Let’s make the 40th the most successful. Let’s strive to get more people back to the reunion. Think of someone you could reach out to.
If each of us reaches out to 1 or 2 special friends we haven’t seen back — our numbers will grow.
Hail Peary!!